Alain Ponšon


I have known Alain Ponšon for the best part of 30 years. I have always admired his paintings - strong, colourful, tender, charged with emotion. He started off as an expressionist and has always remained one although his style has grown richer, subtler and more personal over the years. Whether it is the landscapes of the Loir valley, its villages, its characters or the streets of Paris, his brushwork conveys the same deep love of life, sensuality, and gentle irony or at times a deep sense of tragedy.
His roots lie in the French and German early 20th century painters but his maturity shapes itself in the late sixties and seventies ; he belongs to the free, iconoclastic generation of 68. Unburdened by any pseudo-intellectual mould, his talent thrives on simple things and grows daily as his new works mushroom month after month on the walls of his country house in La Touche.
To me Alain's painting is essentially French and of the kind I like best.
Igor Konak
September 2000